Passionate and experienced cello teacher dedicated to inspire creativity and cultivate musicianship.


Cellist Ji-Hee Kim attained her degrees from the Juilliard School, and Northwestern University, studying with  Min Ja Hyun, Channing Robins, and Hans Jorgen Jensen.  

Ms. Kim has appeared as a soloist in Vienna, Prague, and Seoul.

She has taught at Northwestern University, the Seoul National University, Dan Kook University, Okemo Summer Music Festival.  

In her teaching, she brings her value in bolstering the importance of technical basics, and aims to instill musical skills that can ultimately be life skills beyond music, such as attention to detail, perseverance, and dedication.


Jihee is accepting students who are passionate about learning and making music.  Students range in skill from musically talented beginner to seasoned professional. 

Teaching Philosophy

I believe in a strong technical foundation to achieve freedom of expression that gives life into music.

From the most fundamental elements such as proper posture, breath, and fluid motions all being in sync with the music.  I believe that natural timing and motion creates a flow in one's music.

Through patience and focused coaching  I guide students to the understanding that basic foundational techniques are of the utmost importance to make beautiful music.  Sharing the knowledge of how and why such technique works is a key step in the growth of young musicians.  

Most of all, I coach students the essential skills in life such as time management, attention to detail, strong work ethic, self responsibility and perseverance.