Studio Policy

It is in the best interest of any teacher that his/her students succeed. With that in mind, please trust that these policies are in place to insure a consistent, structured learning environment in which students are equipped for success at every turn. There is a wonderful joy found in a musician’s study with a capable teacher/mentor and the same is true for teachers working with engaged, capable students. I will do everything in my disposal to be the best teacher I know how for students at any level. I expect, in return, that students also meet their respective standards of excellence, regardless of their abilities.


Lessons are scheduled for once a week in hour-long increments. In the fall (mid-August), lesson times are arranged at a specific time for the entire school year, after which, BayAreaCello Music Studio adopts a summer lesson schedule (see below). Preference for lesson times is given first to seniors auditioning for colleges, and then to families in the order of when they began studying through BayAreaCello Music Studio.

Payment Schedule

Lessons are $150 for approximately a 1 hour lesson. Payments are made monthly, for services rendered. This means that checks (made out to LLC) are expected on the last lesson of a given month, for the total of all of the lessons from that month. Extra charges for late payment are not employed, but the right to terminate the student/teacher relationship if payment is neglected is reserved. Additionally, bounced/returned checks can be cause for termination, though every effort will be made to make any concessions beforehand.

Cancellation Policy

If a student needs to cancel a lesson, it is expected that this occurs by a phone call or e-mail. Notification needs to occur at least twenty four (24) hours prior to the scheduled lesson so that the week’s lesson time can be made available for another appointment. Families, then, will not be expected to pay for the cancelled lesson. Families will be charged, however, for lessons cancelled within twenty four (24) hours of a lesson and/or if there is no notification at all. Of course, illness and family emergencies will always be waived of short-notice cancellation charges, but please understand that a lack of communication, time management problems or travel issues on the part of students and their families do not constitute a family emergency. Additionally, it is encouraged that students make these types of phone calls or e-mails themselves. It is too easy to let their parents make the difficult calls and these types of communication can be a good way of learning healthy, professional, adult communication skills. If a student cancels three (3) or more lessons in a given semester, the right to terminate a relationship is reserved, opening his/her lesson time to another student, long term. Again, well-communicated scheduling conflicts are not a problem. Students are encouraged to explore a wide array of interests and this is sure to happen from time to time if students are engaged in a number of activities. It is simply a professional courtesy to be proactive when communicating about any schedule conflicts and, in the unlikely event

that the instructor not available for lessons, the same courtesies will always be extended.


Students ten (10) minutes late for a lesson are considered tardy, at which point the instructor reserves the right to cancel the given lesson and still charge lesson rates for the time scheduled. It should be noted, though, that even late lessons can be productive lessons, so do call ahead if you are going to be late and the lesson will still most likely be made available.


A consistent lack of materials for lessons (bow, cello, music, notebook) or a consistent lack of preparation can lead to a probationary period in which a student’s place in the studio is reevaluated. After a given amount of time (normally two weeks), if improved behavior is not apparent, the right to terminate the teacher/student relationship is reserved. All outstanding payments will then be due in full.

Summer Lesson Schedule

On account of the many different schedules families maintain during summers, BayAreaCello Studio adopts a different lesson schedule during June, July, and August. The studio is open for specific times on specific days to be scheduled with the instructor.

Please always feel free to contact the instructor with any questions or concerns.

We have read, understand, and consent to the BayAreaCello Music Studio Policies and Expectations.

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